Renunciation of Citizenship

Renunciation of Pakistani Citizenship

To renounce Pakistani Citizenship, applicants will have to surrender all their valid/expired Pakistani passports and National Identity Cards. Following is the fee structure and list of documents to be submitted at the Consulate General of Pakistan, Chicago:

Fee Information

  • Two separate money orders/ cashier’s cheques amounting to $120/- & $30/- payable to the Consulate General of Pakistan, Chicago for cancellation of National Identity Cards and Passports, respectively.

Documents Required

  • Form X  and Particulars (One Pager), duly typed (not to be hand-written). Attested photograph by authorized officer of Pakistani Mission may be pasted on the top right.
  • Copies of any one document i.e. Assurance letter/Naturalization Certificate/Foreign Passport.
  • Copies of latest passports (particulars/photo/MRP page) and applicant’s CNIC/NICOP (both sides) all on one page.
  • Attested photograph (white background), in addition to one pasted on Form X. This photo may be pasted on white sheet to avoid astray in transit.
  • Copies of any one document i.e. NICOP/Birth Certificate/Pakistani Passport of the minor children of the male applicant only, residing abroad, where applicable.
  • Copies of Nikah Nama/Divorce papers, of the female applicant, provided passport/NICOP is not modified with husband/father’s name respectively.
  • Any other relevant supporting document.
  • Pakistani Passports in original.
  • Special Note: Please submit four sets of all above mentioned documents.