Attestation of documents

Attestation of Documents

 Attestation service for various types of documents as per the following specific and standard requirements:

Standard Requirements for all types of documents

  • Original valid Pakistani passport or CNIC/NICOP along with one photocopy.
  • Proof of Residence i.e. State ID or Driving License from one of the following states Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, North or South Dakota.
  • A self-addressed, pre-paid return envelope with tracking number (if the applicant desires the return of the attested document via post).
Specific Requirements for different types of documents:
  • For attestation of signatures for executants of a Power of Attorney/ Affidavit/ Pension paper/ Life Certificate/ Will, personal presence before the consular officer is mandatory. Personal appearance along with one photograph of the executant(s) and witness must be Pakistani citizen with valid CNIC) are also required. Copy of valid CNIC of the Attorney is  mandatory. 
  • For attestation of Pakistani documents like Nikah Nama, Academic Certificates etc. prior authentication of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad is mandatory. These documents can be submitted in person or by postal mail.
  • For attestation of photocopies of Pakistani Passports and Computerized Identity Cards, presentation of original documents is mandatory. These documents can be submitted to us in person or via postal mail.
  • For Attestation of US documents, prior authentication of US Department of State, Washington D.C. is mandatory. The address of their Authentication Office is 518 23rd Street NW SA-1, Washington, D.C. 20520. Tel: 800.688.9889. These documents can be submitted in person or via postal mail.
Fees payable only in the form of money order or cashier’s check in the name of the Consulate General of Pakistan. For amount of the attestation fees of various types of documents, please see the chart below:
S. No. Type of Document Attestation Fees Per Document Processing Time
1. Legalization/ Notarization of Power of Attorney $ 8.00 Same day
2. Affidavit $ 8.00 Same day
3. Other Attestation $ 5.00 Same day