The NICOP/POC facilities are now available online. The applicants can obtain NICOP/POC at the following link:



Where I can apply for NICOP/POC

The only way to apply for NICOP/POC is online. Please note that applications for NICOP/POC are not accepted at the consulate.

What documents do I need to submit

All required documents listed on the NADRA website. the documents have to be uploaded accordingly in steps as and when required.

How can I apply for NICOP for my children if they born in US

The NICOP for the children can be applied at any time. The NICOP of the parent(s) will be needed as prerequisite. The NICOP for children under 18/infants can also be applied.

 How can I pay the fee in Pak rupees.

Provide your credit card details at the time of online payment of fee. The fee will be automatically charged and converted in Pak rupees.

Can I apply for NICOP for my foreign spouse

Yes, foreign spouse can apply for POC. ( foreign spouse means a person is not Pakistani origin/citizen and who neither born in Pakistan nor a child of  Pakistani origin/citizen parent(s))